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PRLog (Press Release) - March 1, 2009 - Real ID, Inc. based in Lincolnwood, IL has been a leader in comprehensive Background Screening Solutions geared to providing all of the necessary information to assist in mitigating risk. From Employment and Resident Screening, to Collections and Banking products, Real ID offers over 100 products to allow complete customization per client spec. Real ID's interface with Yardi Systems has been aimed at assisting clientele, access to the vast information required in extending tenancy to the prospective tenant. Via the interface developed, Real ID provides its end users access to the three major consumer credit bureaus, in addition to its public information bureaus. "With our integration, Real ID allows the user to select multiple products from multiple data repositories in a matter of seconds. Imagine the cost savings and frustration that could have been prevented by running a quick report!" says Sam Levin. With the integration, Yardi users will have the ability to request their Resident Screening products via Voyager's interface. In turn the request is automated thru Real ID and returned through Voyager with a calculated decision. "The integration drastically reduces our turnaround time of rental applications. Additionally, our property managers no longer need to access a third party website to view the property traffic performance based on our scoring system," says Eli Stefansky, Prime Quest Management.

About Yardi Systems Yardi Systems is commited to the design, development, and support of real estate software for investment, asset, and property management, serving organizations of all sizes. For more than 25 years, Yardi's technology and services have led the industry through responsiveness and innovation, becoming the premier application for real estate software solutions worldwide. Yardi's software is client-driven and serves more than 20,000 businesses, corporations, and government agencies, representing more than 7 billion square feet of commercial space and 8 million residential units globally. Yardi can be reached at 800-866-1144 or by visiting

Real ID, Inc. Real ID can be reached at 800-342-7292 or via email at

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