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    Cost Effective Debt Collection Tools
    COLLECT your unpaid debt, new or old, with the same products used by government agencies. SKIP-TRACE and locate individuals from their credit reports, assets, existing bank accounts, DMV records, and/or public records.

Collect Unpaid Debt

Many individuals with a history of collections are hard to find and intentionally move from place to place to escape detection. Skip tracing products are essential when trying to find these individuals. Once located, methods for collecting debt include letters, recurrent phone calls, and/or legal action.

Skip tracing is a practice of locating hard-to-find individuals. This is achieved with searches, social traces, credit reports, asset searches, and public records. These searches can result in direct hits, past and present contact information, traces of activity, contact information of relatives and neighbors, civil suits, public records, and motor vehicle registration.

The collections industry averages about 20 percent recovery on delinquent debt. Several decades ago, it averaged 30 percent!

Credit Checks

Recovery Credit Report

The Recovery Credit Report is an abbreviated credit report tailored specifically for the collections industry. With this unique product, collection agencies can now improve skip-tracing efforts by better determining a consumer's ability to pay.

Skip Tracing

Credit Header (Address) Search

This product should be used in place of traditional credit bureau header searches, i.e. social searches. This search is not only a fraction of the cost of credit bureau products, but it also searches multiple credit bureaus, including Equifax and Trans Union.

People Search

You should use a people search as your primary search for skip tracing or verification. Over 100 data sources are searched — including Equifax's Consumer Credit database, Trans Union's Consumer Credit database, Telephone Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC) database, state & city public records — at a fraction of the cost of similar products. A Trace Detail report can be requested from this search to give an even greater detail of verified and non-verified addresses, associates, neighbors, neighborhood and relatives.

Property Search

Property searches can be used as an additional means for locating an individual or associates or to determine the assets of an individual. This can be very helpful with impending litigation or trying to determine the likelihood of repayment. Real ID property searches include assessment records for prior years and deeds up to the current month.

Phone Search

If you would like to quickly find out who is behind a number, Real ID can perform a national reverse phone search of multiple databases, including the Telephone Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC) database, to return matching individuals or businesses. Real ID can also find current phone numbers of individuals. Our Super Phone Search product searches multiple phone databases, including the Telephone Regional Bell Operating Companies (RBOC) database, real-time phone directories and US phone listings, and offers the best chance of finding a direct match.

Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) Search

A Uniform Commercial Code (UCC) filing is a practice adopted by all states to govern commercial transactions. The UCC filings returned from the national UCC registry are usually liens between individuals and businesses (e.g., mortgages, equipment and vehicles).

SSN Trace Detail

If you are having trouble contacting a skipped account or just need to verify references or application information, the Trace Detail Report is a great asset. This report provides an in-depth trace on the individual or address. This will result in verified addresses, neighbors, relatives and many other means of contact or references. Adhering to state laws, neighbors may be contacted to locate the individual. Neighbors are usually very willing to cooperate and sometimes able to provide a wealth of information. As an alternative approach, contacting a third party may help in locating the individual. Spouses, parents, roommates, siblings, former boyfriends or girlfriends that currently live our have previously lived with the individual can be very willing to assist in locating or verifiying information as well. This is often very successful where other methods have failed.


License Verification

With a Driver's License Verification, you can quickly search for individuals or validate applications against multiple state DMV databases. When skip tracing, this is a great search for hard-to-find individuals. Address information is usually updated when a license expires. It may be beneficial to check for address updates around an individual's birthday when other searches have failed.

Letters & Notices

Debt Collection Notification

Letter generation tools drastically cut time and increase productivity by automating the collection notification process. Letters are based on a standard block style business letter that gives you complete control of the header, body, closing and footer. Fields from reports can be inserted anywhere into the body. E-Mails can also be generated in combination with a letter or by themselves for notification purposes.