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The Latest Happenings at Real ID, Inc.

Auto Lease 2.0


Real ID announces its new custom lease generator. Within the original release, users were able to populate most commonly used fields, mapped directly within their lease template. Within Auto Lease 2.0, Real ID allows the property management group to populate their unique fields, catering completely to their needs. Best of all, Real ID's lease population tools are FREE!

To learn more about lease population, please contact Real ID at 800-342-7292 or via our contact form contact us.

From Credit to National Criminal and Eviction Reports, Real ID offers all of the necessary products to minimize risk. Alongside the reports, Real ID offers an automated weighted decision scoring model to assist Property Management Groups in making automated tenancy decisions.

Real ID, Inc. Real ID can be reached at 800-342-7292 or via email at

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