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The Latest Happenings at Real ID, Inc.

rTenant™ — Tenant Screening for Landlords


Real ID unveils its Tenant Screening product-line geared towards smaller property management groups and independent landlords. Targeted to owners ranging from 1 to 125 rental units, rTenant provides access to the same tools and reports that larger management companies use. From access to Credit Reports to National Criminal and Eviction Reports, rTenant offers a platform to further reduce tenancy risk.

Within the rTenant platform, customers have the ability to process their prospective renter's application online. Alternatively, customers have the ability to email the application to the applicant to fill out and collect the appropriate fees, all online, 24/7.

As reports are processed in seconds, rTenant provides a lease recommendation alongside the applicant's comprehensive criminal and eviction reports, which have only been previously available to clients of Real ID. With robust analytic features, rTenant also provides landlords with Comprehensive Analytic Reports to help identify traffic source, tenancy risk levels, and other tools to assist landlords in making informed decisions.

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