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The Latest Happenings at Real ID, Inc.

rPay™ — Rent Payment Processing


Real ID, Inc. is pleased to announce the launch of rPay™, the first of its kind online rent payment suite ( for the rental industry with unparalled features. Working with property management groups, we're excited to offer a first look at the benefits of integrating our electronic payment system into property management software, including Yardi Voyager, and to showcase the synergies with the screening services that we already provide.

Improve Your Collection Rate & Your Cash Flow!

The rPay™ online rent payment suite supports a wide range of payment methods: checks, debit cards, credit cards and gift cards. With its mobile compatibility and 24/7 availability, tenants now have the unparalleled convenience of paying their rent at any time on any device from any location. And with next day funding, rent payments are received quickly and hassle free!

rPay™ also has a variable pricing structure, which helps keep fees as low as possible. Low fees lead to higher adoption rates and less time collecting rent.

With rPay™, landlords receive a rental reporting platform that automatically reports tenant payment history to the credit bureau every month. These systems work together or alone to give management companies greater leverage in collecting rent, and they integrate with property management software like Yardi Voyager to create a seamless process for managers.

Make Better Decisions!

Real ID, Inc. is a premier provider of comprehensive background screening services and is the parent company of rPay™. With the rPay™ online rent payment suite, we combine applicant credit reports with real-time rent payment information to refine the algorithms we use to screen your applicants. By improving screening accuracy, we help you further reduce skips and evictions.

Improve Your Productivity!

The rPay™ online payment suite offers full integration with Yardi Voyager and other 3rd party management systems. Company data is synchronized on a nightly basis and user data is synchronized in real-time. This eliminates many time consuming tasks, including payment data entry and chargebacks.

Gain Valuable Insight with Real-Time Business Intelligence!

With rPay™, property managers have access to a variety of real-time measurements and metrics that offer insights into the performance of their properties. These measurements include calculating overall collection rate, 0-30 collection rate, comparisons between properties and the national averages, revenues by location, and more!