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Criminal Data GPS

criminal data gps

Criminal Data GPS

In our current age of technology, our maps are on our mobile devices and filled with more information than ever before. Most of these devices have global position system (GPS) integrations providing highly accurate location information. GPS without a map shows us where we are without direction to an alternate location, and a map without GPS lacks the guidance to get us to our desired destination.

These two guidance tools collaborate showing you the direction you must take in order to reach your destination. This relationship is much like that of MultiCRIM and County Court Reports services from Real ID, Inc. MultiCRIM searches a massive network of public documents online, while County Court Reports dig deep into the public files that may not be available online, or account for human error.

Using MultiCRIM, you gain access to a massive series of databases searching millions of criminal records (nearly 175 million) to provide you with information you need regarding your applicant's history. This number of records may seem all encompassing because of the volume. In reality, it accounts for approximately 94% of public criminal records across the United States. Potentially millions of public records have not been accounted for. Using MultiCRIM alone, you could be unknowingly hiring someone with a criminal background that would have otherwise been a rejected applicant, hurting your reputation and possibly even your safety.

The County Court Report fills the gaps for the MultiCRIM. County Court Reports are submitted to our contracted network of runners across the United States. These runners travel to each of the courthouses in the counties your applicant has been a resident of verify their criminal records. A large number of counties across the country have not yet made their public records available online. In these instances, where using a court runner could make the difference between hiring a new team member and hiring a felon.

All in all, it is not fun getting lost, that's why using a map with GPS is such a comfort for us folks here in the modern age. It's not fun unknowingly hiring a felon, that's why using MultiCRIM along with the County Court Reports is such a comfort to us folks here at Real ID, Inc.