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Decision Tables — Fair Housing Friendly Tools

Eviction Reports

Have you ever noticed a collection account on a credit report and were unsure as to whether it was a real estate related collection?

Stop guessing and start decisioning!

Real ID continues to revolutionize the tenant screening industry by providing fair housing friendly tools and information that leverage the transformational power of technology. Whether you operate a Class A or Class C property, collection accounts are pertinent to the decision making process. By classifying the data pertaining to an applicant and testing them against specific decision criteria (what we call decision tables), property management groups can automate and streamline decision making, further reducing 'mistake' decisions.

Let's take the following two examples to illustrate how decision tables work:

If Mr. Applicant has a 'Rental or Leasing' collection account that is greater than $100 within the past 36 months, reject the application.

If Mr. Applicant has a 'Utility' collection account that is greater than $50 within the past 12 months, review the application.

Three primary variables that can be applied to further automate your making more informed decisions are

1. Collection Classification or Type
2. Collection Amount
3. Relevance

Using these classifications and thresholds we define, Real ID automates and streamlines decision making by coupling data with intelligent technology.

About Real ID Decisions

Real ID currently offers nearly 100 decision criteria levels to streamline the Tenant Screening process. Decision Tables provide a real solution.

  • Fair Housing Compliant
  • Reduce Future Collection Accounts