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System Integration

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Systems Integration

Like most industries today, the property management industry has many vendors offering a wide range of services to tenants, landlords and property managers. These services range from ancillary services like tenant background screening and online payment processing to core services like lease management and accounting. While the diversity of services available today has greatly improved and simplified the task of managing properties, it also presents a real challenge to individuals and companies that rely upon them - managing the flow of information between independent systems where critical data resides.

This is where systems integration comes into play. When systems don't communicate with one another, the burden shifts to users to transfer information from one system to another or to access different bits of information from different places to perform their jobs. This reduces efficiency, impacts productivity and increases the likelihood for errors. When systems DO communicate with one another however, then these same bits of information flow seamlessly between systems allowing users to get the data they need where they need it most. The process of linking two or more systems together in this way is commonly called integration.

Part of our mission at Real ID, Inc. is to leverage technology in a way that helps our clients conduct their business more efficiently. Whether we're running background checks or processing rent payments, a key component of our service is integration with other systems to eliminate the burden on users. Notably property management software around which business processes are typically defined.

Real ID, Inc. is constantly working with vendors within the industries we serve to become integration partners. Real ID, Inc. has partnered with some of the largest vendors including Yardi, RealPage, ResMan, Infor AMSI, RentManager and ICIMS to facilitate fully integrated solutions, streamline processes and ultimately deliver on our mission to provide data of the highest quality.