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Will Your Credit Score Make Him Run For The Hills??

Girl Ponders Credit Score

What if your partner was like your car salesman, your mortgage broker, or your landlord? What if they had access to your credit score before first meeting you? What would it say about you? Would you still be together? Would your credit score make them want to meet you, intimidate them due to their insecurity because their credit score equality doesn't measure up, or make them run away? Despite what most people may think, this three digit number says a lot about you. Your credit score number can represent your timeliness, responsibility, integrity, and discipline. It determines if you are dependable or not when it's time for you to pay up whether it's your rent, your car payment, or your credit card bill. Furthermore, when it comes to relationships your credit score can play a significant role on whether your relationship lasts.

The Federal Reserve released a report in 2015, «Credit Scores and Committed Relationships,» on the role credit scores play in the progress of a committed relationship. I know people fight about money but who knew credit scores could predict if my relationship will last? One of the findings is the closer your credit score matches your partner's the longer your relationship will last. That means your partner and you are more compatible if you have the same payment habits. You both pay your bills on-time and have the ability to pay off your credit in a timely manner. Individually, credit scores can determine the level of commitment of your partner and your partner's skill level at maintaining a relationship. If they pay their bills on time they are more trustworthy. Furthermore, the higher your credit score the more likely you will form a committed relationship. If you want to check your own credit profile before your first date? Check out your credit score at